12th March 2018

How to Promote Your Book as an Indie Author

You’ve written the book, set up your social media, created your website and put yourself out into the world of being a published author – but do you have a marketing strategy for how to promote your book on social media? How do you know you’re connecting with readers?

7th February 2018

Buyer Personas and Why They Are Important for Your Brand

We’ve talked about “buyer personas” in our articles before but what, exactly, are they and why are they important to your brand?
Buyer Personas are fictional characters created to represent a user type and to improve your marketing vision and let you see things clearly.

24th January 2018

Social Media Trends – What Will be Influencing 2018 ?

As we approach the end of the decade one thing has been a constant throughout – how fast social media behaviour and trends come and go and 2018 will be no exception.

In our latest blog we look at some of the top trends we think will influence the next 12 months.

5th January 2018

Beacon KPIs – Why They Are Important To You

You’re managing clients websites and social media accounts and doing everything you can to drive traffic – but when visitors land on pages from a social post you need KPIs to ensure they’re engaged and reading the content as well as happily navigating the site.

20th December 2017

How Do You Know if Your Visitors Are Engaged?

Getting your social content strategy right is vital for visitor engagement.
Did you know I have 15 seconds to catch your interest long enough for you to decide if you want to carry on reading this blog?

29th November 2017

How Deep Is Your Love?

We all want to create social content that people love, but how can we see beyond Likes and Shares to understand how engaging our social content really is.