6th November 2020

Is Ad Fraud damaging your brand reputation?

Digital ad fraud is more than just lost revenue. It can affect your brand reputation if your adverts appear alongside problematic content.
Not monitoring your online advertising could mean your brand is inadvertently helping human traffickers, terrorists or being associated with other criminal activity.

3rd November 2020

How to create an effective marketing campaign

It’s more important than ever that marketers know how to create an effective marketing campaign as overall ad spend in 2020 is expected to see a 7.5% drop.

While digital spend is expected to remain positive, with a growth of 0.3% this doesn’t mean anyone should be resting on their laurels.

23rd October 2020

Improve online conversion using human psychology – CXL review

How do I create compelling and persuasive website content that really spurs visitors on to take action? What should I add to my product page or checkout process that will ensure the buyer completes their purchase? As marketers, we’re always striving for the answers to these conversion challenges. Always tweaking content and testing web page […]

7th October 2020

Brighton SEO 2020 Key Takeaways

Brighton SEO is the biggest SEO conference in the world. And once again, it lived up to its reputation. 

Although online this year, Brighton SEO 2020, was packed to the brim with great talks from speakers that really know their stuff. 

6th October 2020

Discovering The Secrets Of The Customer Journey

How much do you understand about your customer’s journey from your digital marketing campaign to your website?

Today’s website analytics don’t just help organisations track and monitor website traffic and page views, they can also be used to analyse multiple channels including social media, video, email, mobile and PPC campaigns.

17th September 2020

What is the future of audio advertising?

As vital as video is to a successful digital strategy, audio advertising is sometimes overlooked and represents an outstanding opportunity to engage with your audience.

Lockdown and working from home led to significant changes in our listening habits. We are all at home more and listening to audio content on platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, smart speakers and websites.

15th September 2020

What to look out for at Leeds Digital Festival 2020

It’s been a funny old year but one thing that’s still going full steam ahead – if later than normal – is the quite excellent Leeds Digital Festival 2020.

Running from September 21st for two weeks, this year’s Leeds Digital Festival 2020 is another record-breaker which will see 294 events being hosted across the city both physically and virtually.

27th August 2020

How to master your marketing ROI challenges

If there’s one thing guaranteed to send cold shivers down a marketer’s spine it’s the thought of mastering their marketing ROI challenges.

Return on Investment isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s something which is embedded into the heart of any digital marketing campaign or social media message.

19th August 2020

Am I wasting my money on digital marketing efforts?

There’s a famous saying about shouting into the void which I suspect a lot of marketers ask themselves about their digital marketing efforts.

But discovering whether we are just doing one of all those other phrases which highlight the difficulties of tracking whether or not all the time and money we spend on our marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle.

28th July 2020

How Do I Justify My Marketing Campaign Budget?

In today’s uncertain times one of the most common queries has been how do I justify my marketing campaign budget?

With reduced hours because of COVID-19, many teams coping with working from home, the uncertainty over long-term marketing strategies, and the short-term fears about the economy, it’s been a difficult few months for anyone working in digital marketing and social media.