12th September 2019

Marketing Agencies need a new operating model

According to data from Kingston Smith, average marketing agency profit margins have gone from 30% in the 1960s to 9% in 2018. The existing model of time-based pricing is failing and agencies face competition from big consulting, the FANGs and client insourcing. Charging by the hour encourages agencies to put more people on client projects […]

10th May 2019

51% of your clicks could be bots

We have been developing Beacon, the digital marketing intelligence dashboard, for a few years now. It began as a tool to help digital marketing agencies (and ourselves – a team of marketers, creatives and digital designers) gain better insights into the social media and PPC campaigns we were running for our clients. We didn’t intentionally […]

1st February 2019

Finding the best analytics software for your team

Running marketing and social media for any organisation is a time-consuming task and we all look to find ways of making it easier using the best analytics software.

Social media managing tools, including web analytics and traffic monitoring options, can help marketers save time, stay organised, and optimise their efficiency.

23rd January 2019

3 things you really need to measure in your business

Making the business case for investing in marketing insight software should be an easy sell to your marketing department but it might not be as simple when it comes to those who handle the budgets. However, we think that there are three things you really need to measure in your business which you can use […]

22nd August 2018

Come see us at the Technology For Marketing expo!

We’re pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the much anticipated Technology For Marketing expo event from 26th-27th Sep 2018!

You can catch us on Stand ST7, where we will be showcasing Beacon’s exciting new features.

23rd July 2018

How Ad Fraud Is Killing Your Marketing

Ad fraud is killing your marketing. It’s a bold claim to make but it’s fully justified by recent events across the industry which have highlighted failings and exposed weaknesses. And it’s affecting big business.

The UK digital advertising industry was worth an estimated £11.55 billion in 2017 – a £1.44 billion increase on 2016 equating to 14.3% growth. This growth is being fuelled by the smartphone, with the latest Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)/ PwC Digital Adspend Study for 2017 revealing that £5.20 billion, or 45% of all digital advertising, is viewed on a smartphone.

15th June 2018

Why AI is great for better data and improved data processing

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Field’s “Sunday Soundbites” for some time now. Chris owns Fieldworks, an award-winning retail specialist PR and digital content marketing agency.

Chris wrote a piece back in November 2017 entitled “Six things I just learned about Artificial Intelligence” which I’ve been meaning to get round to thinking about, as it is focused on the use of AI by retailers and his concerns about the path that some retailers are taking.

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