26th November 2018

Your new insights dashboard

Another month, another set of Beacon features and improvements to help our savvy marketers do their job better. Read about our updated marketing insights dashboard.

1st October 2018

How to work out your cost per visit

In the latest version of Beacon (4.5) we’re proud to introduce our cost per visit calculator. This feature, requested by our customers time and again, lets marketers get a view of how their digital campaigns and channels are doing in terms of return on investment. Because Beacon automatically filters out suspected bots, only reporting on […]

27th September 2018

From click to conversion, who’s engaging on your website

We recently introduced visitor journey tracking, visitor actions and conversion tracking into Beacon. We’re immensely proud of this feature because it enables marketers to see exactly how their traffic is behaving on their website from their marketing channels. If you pay for traffic, for example through Google Ads or by promoting social media posts, it […]

25th September 2018

More Beacon features to improve your analytics

  We are happy to announce another update to Beacon, the all-in-one digital marketing analytics and insights dashboard. We are particularly proud of this update as it includes some key features that not only enhance the analytics you get but add deeper insights and knowledge to the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Full visitor journey […]

30th July 2018

Latest Beacon release

At Beacon we are committed to developing and taking to a global market a digital analytics proposition that is powerful, easy to use and drives transparency, integrity and authenticity into digital marketing.

21st February 2018

New Features You’ll Be Getting From Beacon

It’s been a busy and exciting few months at Beacon. We launched our first version of Beacon back in the summer of last year to a select pool of testers before opening it up to the wider public in the winter. We’re still in BETA, and getting a tonne of great feedback from our customers which we’re constantly feeding back into the product roadmap.

17th October 2017

Beacon’s Social Media Campaign Targets

Beacon has a number of features which will help keep your social media campaign targets on track no matter what the time of year. Five key performance indicators enable you to stay on top of your game and keep your online activity hot.

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