About Will Saunders
Will is an award winning graphic designer with a rich background in brand design, illustration and creative direction. As lead designer Will is responsible for developing the Beacon brand, communicating our vision and values, and working with the product development team to deliver our world-class analytics platform.
17th September 2019

Revolutionise your reporting

According to Hubspot, analysing marketing data from different sources take an average of 3.55 hours a week, and we know first hand that generating these reports can be the most time consuming and frustrating element of your marketing activities. That’s why we created Beacon to make it simple to generate reports and quickly attribute website […]

23rd August 2019

1 click campaign PDF report generation

The sun is shining and we are pleased to release Beacon v5.0.4, our latest version of the leading Digital Marketing Intelligence platform which includes a number of user interface and data processing speed updates, as well as some features requested by our customers, including data exports and report generation. Generate a PDF report in seconds […]

18th December 2018

Beacon Update – v4.6.2

Christmas has come early! We’ve been working away like Santa’s elves and have released another update to our digital marketing campaign analytics platform!

26th November 2018

Your new insights dashboard

Another month, another set of Beacon features and improvements to help our savvy marketers do their job better. Read about our updated marketing insights dashboard.

7th September 2018

Digital marketing channels & multi-channel support!

Beacon’s latest app version is introducing multi-channel support and we’re excited about the greater potential for accurate web analytics.

We originally built Beacon to bridge the gap between social media posts and website visitor behaviour and outcomes by providing next-level web analytics.

20th August 2018

Introducing the Bot Click Indicator

We hate harmful click bots. If you’re a digital marketer who has ever spent money to drive traffic to your website, you will have undoubtedly experienced click fraud (also known as ad fraud) where you end up paying for fraudulent website visits.

5th June 2018

How To Make The Most Of Social Media

Being able to analyse social media is undoubtedly one of the indispensable tools in the modern marketer’s toolkit and creating content to drive website traffic and sales forms the heart of any campaign. But to be able to do this and be effective you have to understand the mindset of your potential website visitors. You […]

23rd March 2018

10 Reasons To Check Out Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds is a great city buzzing with tech startups, big design agencies, and a hub of digital activities and events. It’s also where our Beacon design and development studio is based and we love to get involved with the various tech events and activities that surround us.

29th November 2017

How Deep Is Your Love?

We all want to create social content that people love, but how can we see beyond Likes and Shares to understand how engaging our social content really is.

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