About Martin Barker
As IT Infrastructure Manager & GDPR Protection Officer, Martin is responsible for evaluating systems and technologies, developing prototypes, securing data and GDPR compliance, as well as Network Security and Management, Internal and External IT Management.
16th June 2020

Using another encryption inside HTTPS – why we do it

In this blog we look at encryption and why it’s used, consider why double encrypting data is classed as taboo in development and explain why Beacon uses double encryption in specific systems.
Encryption’s primary purpose is to protect against brute force attacks or Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.

6th January 2020

Technology Stacks and Changes as Beacon Grows

Keeping track of technology has always been a problem for companies and even more so for those companies that use a lot of IT infrastructure.

Beaconsoft is no different. Here we have constantly evolving developer systems for testing purposes.

24th December 2019

Beacon Tracker (BWAI) and Same Site Security.

We have been asked a few times about the new rules regarding SafeSite cookies that are going to be fully implemented in Google Chrome and Google Chrome based browsers from February. This blog post is to explain what these changes mean for your use of Beacon.

13th September 2019

The Importance Of Conversion Tracking For Your Business

Conversion tracking. What is it and why is it so difficult to record? Simply put, it is the means by which media performance is measured against Key Performance Indicators for any given campaign.

But of course, it’s not that simple. Conversion tracking is one of the most difficult things for a digital agency to be able to report on to their clients. This is because they don’t always have all the available data from the client end.