About Louise Auty
Louise began her journalism career as a fresh faced 18-year-old straight out of Sixth Form and managed to get three years under her belt before undergoing any official training. During her almost 20 year career she covered everything from cat shows to coroner’s courts before heading to the big city for a couple years at the start of the digital revolution in 2001.
22nd August 2019

Bot clicks – what you need to know, and how to beat them

If you use social media at all then the chances are you’ve heard the “fake news” and “Russian bot clicks won the US Election for Donald Trump” clarion calls. But how much truth is there in these allegations? Can bot clicks have that much influence on our daily digital lives? Well, if you work with […]

19th March 2019

What makes a successful marketing campaign?

Any business worth its salt knows that the key to generating sales is through good advertising – but what makes a successful marketing campaign?

A successful marketing campaign can spark new interest in your business and increase your sales, donations, and impact. Priority one is to establish how you’re going to determine its success – i.e. what is the goal for your campaign.

23rd January 2019

3 things you really need to measure in your business

Making the business case for investing in marketing insight software should be an easy sell to your marketing department but it might not be as simple when it comes to those who handle the budgets. However, we think that there are three things you really need to measure in your business which you can use […]

10th January 2019

10 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Have

Digital marketing has been around a while now and the role of a social media manager has become a very popular career choice.
But just what is a social media manager, and what do they do, and are there any specific skills needed to be one?

6th December 2018

5 Awesome And Easy Ideas To Help Your Christmas Marketing

It’s that most wonderful time of the year and most people will already have plans in place for their Christmas marketing.
But, if you’re one of those who always leaves it to the last minute, then here’s our five awesome (and easy) ideas to help your organisation’s Christmas marketing.

3rd October 2018

5 Google Analytics Alternatives To Boost Your Marketing Knowledge

Website analytics form a crucial part of digital marketing campaign strategy and they’re getting more complex as the internet continues to develop and Google Analytics is the “daddy” of them all. Today’s website analytics don’t just help organisations track and monitor website traffic and page views, they can also be used to analyse multiple channels […]

11th August 2018

5 Steps To Measure Social Media Effectively

There’s no question that having a strong social presence really can help your brand and knowing the steps to measure social media effectively is a key factor in this.
Data-driven decisions are the gold standard in management today. You want to be able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and techniques while also keeping track of data and other metrics.